In Home Fitness Videos

Susan Tuttle offers exercise videos which are safe for all ages. If your goal is to feel better about yourself, Susan can be your cheerleader inspiring you to achieve your goal.

Enjoy the benefits of exercise which become more important with age:
  1. Improve sleep.  Body temperatures rise during exercise. The cool-down over the next few hours induces sleep.
  2. Fight chronic ailments.  Regular exercise increases good cholesterol which removes plaque, lowering blood pressure.
  3. Manage weight.  Higher intensity activities burn more calories.
  4. Strengthen the heart and lungs.  Increased blood circulation delivers more oxygen and nutrients to body tissue.
  5. Increase happiness.  Exercise triggers the release of specific brain chemicals associated with reducing anxiety and depression.

 FEATURED VIDEOS - Spicy Latin Sensation

Get ready for two 30-minute fun, exhilarating, fat-blasting and muscle toning cardio workouts. Have you ever wanted to develop the skills for Latin Dance moves such as Belly Dancing, Cha-Cha, Samba, Bachata, Merengue, Cumbia and Rumba? Susan Tuttle will show you easy-to-follow dance steps, but the music alone will get your feet moving.

Workout 1 incorporates dynamic pulling and pumping cardio moves to raise your metabolism and burn fat. These upper body moves originate from your core which create more abdominal tone and sizzling physique.

Workout 2 targets your lower body building lean muscle in addition to calorie burning cardio moves. Build muscle in your glutes, thighs, calves and hamstrings to melt off fat and maximize your endurance.

Do the full hour non-stop to increase the challenge even more. When you have the moves down, try the music only version and enjoy the dance experience.

 FEATURED VIDEOS - Chair Resistance Band

These two seated workouts use the Resistance Band to develop a stronger leaner body. Susan Tuttle's workout can help improve your posture, range of motion and flexibility all while having fun.

Workout 1 gets you acquainted with using the Resistance Band with simple yet extremely effective moves. Your routine starts with a core warm up targeting your abdominal muscles. Then tighten, tone and strengthen your arms, back and legs. Embody freedom from muscle stiffness with fabulous seated cool down stretches.

Workout 2 increases the fun and effectiveness of your total body conditioning. Keep your mind active by matching Susan's every move. Your abdomen and back muscles will become more streamlined. Strengthen your biceps and triceps and hips and inner thighs and then end your workout with gentle stretches.

Take years off your looks, feel your body regain its strength and enjoy the feeling of accomplishment.

Required tools: Resistance band (included) and study armless chair.