About Susan Tuttle

She is an active AFAA Group Fitness instructor, and American Senior Fitness Personal Trainer and holds a Healthways Accreditation for Older Exercise.

Susan also holds several specialty certifications in the health and fitness field. Certifications include Pilates, yoga, Silver Sneakers, Step, Bootcamp and Zumba. She received her first teaching certificate in 1988 when she was 5 months pregnant with her youngest child.

Fox 10 News in Phoenix, AZ - Ron Hoon
Teaching fitness is her joy in life. She finds the experience extremely rewarding. Her passion for life comes through in her up beat energy, and innovative exercise workouts.

Her "In-Home Fitness Series" was filmed due to an overwhelming response to her exercise classes.

The seasonal residents begged her to tape some of her classes so they could continue exercising at home.

Susan's dream is to secure a spot on a cable program in order to reach people who don't have the availability of working out in a gym. With her passion and enthusiasim she will no doubt find a way.

Behind the scenes with my production team, Tinuviel, Lori and Eunice.


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