"Exercise with Susan is rewarding and fun. I need motivation and her DVD's help me to stay with it. In a very short time I have noticed results and like what I see. I am healthier and feel younger because of her."   - Fran, Chicago, IL

"I have tried both a pilates and a yoga DVD produced by other sources before, and could never get enthused to continue beyond the first experience with them. Susan's "Chair Pilates" is wonderful, and perfect for an older person with leg and foot problems which I have. I love it. I recently also tried her "Breath of Yoga". I will definitely base my exercise program on both of these wherever I may travel. Thanks Susan."   - Kathy, Mesa Arizona

"Thank you so much for your DVD. I watched your DVD today, and I did the exercise with it. It was quite comfortable to excise with your practice, I had been Pilates exercise experience before in Singapore a few years ago, and it was toooooooo heavy for me (I could not get up next morning), so I was kind afraid of exercise Pilate since then. But with your DVD, I was much comfortable to do it. I will continue to exercise with your DVD. I hope many people enjoy your DVD. Thanks again."   - Shinobu, Singapore

"I love doing these exercises in my home at my convenience. The directions are clear and easy to follow, and after doing the program I stand taller and more erect, with a sense of well being."   - Shirley, Avon Conneticut

"Susan's "Standing Pilates" video is perfect for seniors who wish to slowly and safely get fit. Her instructions are clear, abbreviated and concise. I love her continual references to "core" position and her gentle reminders to keep you in the right position which will most benefit you. The use of the ball is very unique and not difficult. This video works the whole body with no pain, especially, if you suffer from a lower disc problem as I do. Susan you are the best thing that happened to me this past winter and I shall use this video everyday, faithfully."   - Gloria , Waskesiu Lake, Saskatchewan, Canada.

"Dear Susan, I took your chair yoga DVD to NY for my sister who has MS. We did it together and she was able to do all of it. I am hoping she will continue as she needs to improve her balanace and flexibility which she has lost due to the progression of the disease. One great bonus - while we were exercising, four of her rambunctious grandchildren came bursting in. I told them 'SHHH, we're doing Yoga!" They were so intrigued that they sat down and quietly did it with us. It was terrific to see four hyper little squirrels calmly doing stretches! "   - MaryLou and Teresa, Rensselaer Falls, NY

"Susan Tuttle's "Standing Pilates" is an amazing "total body" workout. The entire routine is performed in a space of 3 feet or less! No jumping up and down or rolling around on the floor and yet I was breaking a sweat within minutes! No expensive equipment is needed; no special clothes required. I've found my new gym - at home!"   - Janean , Spirit Lake, Iowa

"Susan was my first Pilates instructor. Having never been big on exercise, it was tough for me at first, but I soon began discovering that I had a waistline again.

My strength and coordination have greatly improved and I always feel great when I walk out of class!"
  - Mary Lou, Vermont, US

"Exercise with Susan is a breeze, cause I can follow every move with ease. Her class makes my body feel great and my mind feel better too, I strive for a healthy body and with Susan I am well on the way."   - Gloria Petersfield, Manitoba, Canada

"Even though I am a 71 year old Japanese woman, the Standing Pilates video was easy to follow. I did not have any trouble. My back doesn't hurt anymore so I am able to hike 6 miles again. I love Susan's energy."   - Yuki, Tokyo, Japan

"My name is Sita, born and raised in Amsterdam, Holland. I had a few set backs with a stroke, but with a chair used for exercise, I can do most of the workouts. All I can say is thank you."   - Sita, Amsterdam, Holland

"After traveling for almost three months this summer with our RV in tow, it was good to get back to Pilates class with Susan. But guess what! I took her DVD, "Standing Pilates", with me and was able to complete every exercise in our RV with no trouble at all. Susan's encouragement, friendly smile, and easy instructions were there throughout each section of the program, which made traveling an added pleasure. So next time you travel, take Susan along via DVD. You'll be glad you did."   - Karen, Mesa, AZ

"Dear Susan, I am Marilyn's sister Irma. She takes your classes in Mesa Arizona. I would like to thank you for the DVD. It took me a while to get motivated but now I am determined to follow Marylin's exercise example. My coordination and rhythm is improving the more I work with your DVD's."   - Irma, Tinley Park, Il

"Dear Susan - Two years ago I developed a tear in my rotator cuff due to repetitive motion from work as a cashier. I was in pain and it was difficult to bring my hand to my back in the waist area. My doctor felt if I went to physical therapy and continued doing what I learned that I could be healed and surgery wouldn't be necessary. After two months of your excercises I could comfortably bring my hand up to the middle of my back. I have continued with the exercises and added weights. Currently I can, with ease and in a single motion, bring my left hand to the top of my back and bend my right aelbow above my head to connect my hands. This is a testimony to me that when something in our physical body goes wrong, we don't have to accept it. With work it can be overcome and or improve."   - Mary Jane, Mesa Az


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